Suggestions according to the seasons

Mussels " Marinières " in white wine sauce or creamy sauce 24,00.-

French Fries

Mussels in a savory spicy - picante sauce 24,00.-

French Fries

Blood Sausages " Träipen " 22,50.-

served with potatoes and applesauce

Caesar Salad 22,50.-

Romaine lettuce, eggs, parmesan cheese, crisp croutons and chicken breasts.

Saint-Jacques - Seared Scallops 27,50.-

with creamy leek sauce and basmati rice

Gray Shrimps Croquettes 25,00.-

Homemade ( french fries & salad)

Herring Filets " Hierken " 20,50.-

served with potatoes in their jackets

(*) Served with French Fries and Salad.